Ampalaya Capsules

What are Ampalaya Capsules?
Ampalaya capsules are also made from fresh Ampalaya herbs selected for its health benefits. The capsules are sent into processing and is encapsulated and bottled immediately, locking in all the goodness that Ampalaya provides.

How to make Ampalaya Capsules
To make Ampalaya capsules for use at home, take leaves of fresh herbs of Ampalaya. Be sure to get a lot because the volume will be reduced later by at least 10 times. Wash the leaves to remove unwanted particles. Drain well on absorbent paper and then dry on screens in direct sunlight or in a non-damp part of the house. The leaves will become brown and pulverize easily when dry. Using a mortar, grind the leaves into a fine powder.

To make your own encapsulated drugs, which will need empty capsules. Capsules and capsule machinery are available in your local health food store.


This website is not intended to sell anything. Its aim is to promote the goodness of Ampalaya.